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Diameter Health is now part of Availity. Harness the power of bi-directional data intelligence to reduce costs, improve care quality, and drive innovation.


Whether you’re responsible for a patient’s health or a population’s, healthcare decisions and actions should be informed by the cleanest, clearest, most precise data: Upcycled Data. Only Diameter Health transforms clinical data — a vast but raw resource — into Upcycled Data that’s ready to use to uncover solutions, elevate efficiency, and deliver smarter care.

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Latest from Diameter Health

Why You Should Invest in Upcycling Clinical Data

Upcycling Data accelerated the use of clinical data as an asset so that customers can improve health outcomes and optimize revenue. Using our automated technology for normalization, enrichment, and synthesizing data from multiple sources, they can reduce costs, redeploy staff, and speed time to market.

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FHIR and Data Quality

In this video, we talk about FHIR and Data Quality and how having clean information encoded in APIs is critical to empowering FHIR applications. The big question we are addressing here is how do we make FHIR a new standard for medical data interoperability successful, both today and tomorrow. Press play to learn more.

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Who We Serve

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Take an enterprise approach to clinical data integration to make timely, high quality clinical data available for clinical, operational and financial goals.

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Health Exchanges

Satisfy the pressing need for clean clinical data to support provider, payer and government requirements for quality improvement and reporting, clinical decision making, and population health analytics.

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Unlock insights in the clinical data to improve public health, research, and healthcare for veterans and active-duty service members, plus ensure the quality of care delivered under programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

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Life Insurance

Make decisions and assess risks faster, more accurately and less expensively by capturing the full value of digital health data; efficiently integrate clinical data into underwriting and claims adjudication workflows.

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Healthcare IT Vendors benefit from clean, interoperable clinical data to support customer needs, while Systems Integrators can leverage our best-of-breed technology for enterprise clinical data deployments.

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Don’t See Yourself?

Not to worry. If you work with clinical data in another way, we can help you upcycle it to achieve your goals.

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How We Do It

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Data Quality Improvement

Diameter Health’s API-based Fusion technology automates clinical data integration, normalization, and enrichment in real time and at scale.

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Data Quality Monitoring

Activate instant clinical data quality ratings using hundreds of configurable rules evaluating completeness, syntax and consistency.

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With up to 5 billion exchanges of digital health information annually, the tide of clinical data keeps rising. Start upcycling your data into a clean, concentrated, usable force today.