Steven Brunner

Chief Architect
Steven Brunner

Steve joins Diameter Health as Chief Architect. As a software professional, he’s been involved in commercial software development for many leading companies, most recently InterSystems Corporation.

As Director of Software Development at InterSystems, Steve led over twenty engineers on several feature teams, including Business Analytics, the re-imagined IDE project, NLP features, and the Document Data Model. He managed the cross-departmental team that launched InterSystems IRIS Data Platform in 2018, bringing advanced cloud deployment, horizontal scalability, new security features, improved interoperability, and business analytics to market for use by the Health Care application partners that form the majority of the customer base.

Earlier in his career at InterSystems Steve directed the Quality Department for all three lines of business. In addition to the Data Platforms business, this included the HealthShare product line for building and using consolidated medical records, and the Sydney, Australia-based TrakCare Hospital and Lab Management software products.

Prior to InterSystems, Steve enjoyed leading a variety of software product development teams at eCopy, ATG, Advanced Visual Systems, Software Publishing Corporation, SPSS, and a number of startups.

Steve has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA.

Steven Brunner
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