Kimberly Howland, Ph.D

Chief Product Officer
Kimberly Howland, Ph.D

As Chief Product Officer, Kim works closely with customers to develop the product roadmap, envision and develop new solutions and bring robust solutions to market.

Kim brings to Diameter Health over 15 years experience developing new technologies in healthcare.

Previously, Kim was Vice President of Product Development at Omnicell, Inc., where she led product development, commercialization and portfolio management of hardware and software solutions aimed at improving provider efficiency and patient outcomes in the acute care environment.

Prior to Omnicell, Kim opened and led the San Francisco office of Health Advances, a healthcare management consultancy. While at Health Advances, Kim helped biotech, diagnostic and med-tech clients develop new technologies, grow existing product lines, and identify strategic partners.

Kim holds a B.S. in Biology from Bates College, a Masters in Medical Sciences from Harvard Medical School, and a Ph.D in Immunology from Harvard University.

Kimberly Howland, Ph.D
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