More accurate identification of high risk patients enables implementation of the best care management plans for patients and better resource allocation.

Success in value-based care requires the ability to quickly identify at-risk patients.

Predict is a single, scalable solution used to predict a variety of important clinical outcomes including thirty-day readmission, mortality, and specific medication adverse events. Predict uses multivariate clinical models with the rich clinical detail provided by Fusion to enable providers to more accurately identify patients at highest risk and improve the cost-effectiveness and precision of prevention and treatment efforts.

Predictions are available when meaningful intervention is still possible because Predict is available during the process of care delivery and does not depend on lagged claims data. These advantages create significant return-on-investment opportunities for hospital systems and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

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ROI Calculator

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Diameter Health’s ROI calculator estimates the return on investment from improvements in documentation enabled by Diameter Health's Envision solution. The calculator uses published data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on thousands of US hospitals. Many assumptions are configurable by the user.

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Product Specifications

Predict is a single, scalable solution that identifies at-risk patients to enable superior care and financial success.

Multivariate models use rich clinical detail for accurate predictions.

The secure web platform can be accessed by computer, tablet and smart phone.

Predict may be deployed on unlimited patients with no incremental cost.


Diameter Health resources provide insights into using clinical data to enhance care and improve quality and financial results. Our goal is to help those on the front-line of healthcare by making medical data accessible, easy to use, actionable, and readily integrated into clinical workflows.

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