Payer Edition

Payer Edition is certified by both the NCQA and ONC to produce standard supplemental data for use in HEDIS reporting

Payer Edition supports enhanced HEDIS reporting by creating standard supplemental clinical data directly from any certified Electronic Health Record (EHR), minimizing chart chasing and additional data entry.

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NCQA eMeasure Certification SM is a service mark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Ready to see for yourself?

See how Diameter Health's certified Payer Edition solution produces standard supplemental data to support HEDIS reporting directly from any certified Electronic Health Record (EHR).

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Ready to See for Yourself?

See how Diameter Health’s NCQA and ONC certified technology normalizes, standardizes, deduplicates, and enriches clinical data to produce standard supplemental data for HEDIS reporting.

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Product Specifications

Payer Edition provides:
-NCQA certified technology to create standard supplemental data for HEDIS reporting
-an intuitive user interface to display aggregate measure performance
- drill down capability to an individual provider or patient
- Export to standard supplemental data, QRDA I & III
C-CDA, JSON, or Flat Files

Modern, Web-Based Platform
- HTTP/HTTPS web standard RESTful application programming interface (API)
- Large-scale noSQL database with SSL and compression support
- Use of patient care summaries from providers with any certified EHR

Data Extraction
- Efficiency at scale: industry-leading processing speed with 99.98+% success rate
- Plug and Play: clinical documents from any certified EHR processed without modification. No mapping required for 20+ formats including HITSP C32, C-CDA 1.1, and C-CDA 2.1
- Proprietary context-sensitive information model produces more robust, consumable data than achieved with common parsing techniques (higher yield of clinical data elements)
- Extraction of both machine readable and human readable content

Intelligent Normalization
- Automated terminology management for national standard vocabularies: CVX, CPT, HL7, ICD-9, ICD-10, LOINC, RxNorm, SNOMED, UCUM
- Normalizes data for all major clinical domains (Allergies, Encounters, Medications, Immunizations, Payers, Problems, Procedures, Results & Vital Signs)
- Error-fixing: automated correction of common vocabulary and syntax mistakes
- Selective Natural Language Processing (NLP) for multiple medical concepts
- Multi-factor EHR identification with brand-specific extraction, parsing and classification
- Code and unit translation to a common information model

Data Enrichment
- Automated ontology and category assignment
- Inference of missing medical concepts including:
-- Core ingredient decomposition for combination medications
-- Medication dose form, dose strength, frequency, route and preconditions
-- Laboratory interpretation and reference ranges
-- Dates of services & type (ambulatory, emergency, inpatient)
--Problem duration and resolution
- Addition of meta-data for streamlined analytics such as:
--Drug classes for medications
--Laboratory result classification
--Problem and diagnosis groupings
--Procedure groupings
--Allergy type classification (substance vs. food vs. medication)

Deduplication & Organization
- Regroups inbound data into logical clinical categories
(e.g. vaccinations with procedure codes reclassified as immunizations)
- Multiple codes are rationalized into unified clinical concepts providing intelligent deduplication of all major clinical domains (Allergies, Encounters, Medications, Immunizations, Payers, Problems, Procedures, Results & Vital Signs)


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