FHIR Patient Access

Meets CMS regulatory requirements to provide member access to their health data using FHIR

Turnkey solution saves time and expense; improves member satisfaction

The CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule requires insurers that offer Medicare or Medicaid plans to implement and maintain a secure, FHIR Patient Access Application Programming Interface (API) that enables members to easily access:

The rule enables members to use third party apps on their smartphones – effectively letting them exercise the same control over their health data as they do over financial, retail, and other consumer transactions.  For more on what the new regulations mean for health plans, read our analysis.

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Ready to See for Yourself?

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- Transforms widely available data types such as
C-CDA, HL7v2, so no waiting for FHIR support
from vendors
- Meets CMS regulatory requirements for patient
- Provides outbound Support for CPCDS &
USCDI FHIR Resources
- Operational in a fraction of the time and cost of home-grown approaches
- Built on Fusion, Diameter Health’s automated clinical
data refinery, which generates high quality
interoperable data


Diameter Health content provides insights into using healthcare data to improve both quality of care and financial results. Our goal is to improve healthcare by making data accessible, easy to use, actionable, and readily integrated into existing workflows.

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