Data Dashboard

Data Dashboard creates instant clinical data quality ratings and presents dashboards that monitor data completeness, accuracy, and error severity.

Ongoing measurement and reporting of clinical data quality is the first step toward sustainable quality improvement.

Data Dashboard instantly generates document quality ratings, using hundreds of configurable rules addressing dimensions of document completeness, syntax and consistency across key sections of clinical documents. For completeness, it checks whether expected sections are included, and whether expected entries are complete. For syntax, Data Dashboard checks whether the document is structured correctly, and whether the right terminologies are used. Data Dashboard supports all standardized clinical terminologies, including SNOMED, ICD-9, ICD-10, RxNorm and LOINC.

Data Dashboard supports both individual file processing, as well as multiple file auto-processing.

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Product Specifications

Data Dashboard generates easy-to-interpret quality ratings using hundreds of rules covering dimensions of document completeness and syntax. This provides a one-stop-shop for detailed feedback needed to improve the interoperability of clinical documents (including C32, C-CDA 1.1 and C-CDA 2.1):
- Designed for real-world data exchange & high volume processing
-- Automated evaluation during implementation and ongoing surveillance
-- Fully HIPAA compliant and easy-to-deploy platform
-- API for automated incorporation into downstream workflow and reporting
-- Dashboards display aggregated performance with drill-down capability
- Actionable feedback to improve Interoperability
-- Configurable rules to meet each client’s unique needs
-- On-demand code pop-ups for efficient problem investigation
-- Tips, guidance and links to national resources (HL7, LOINC, ICD-9/ICD-10, RxNorm, UCUM, SNOMED)


Resources to Improve Patient Care and Provide for Financial Sustainability

Diameter Health resources provide insights into using clinical data to enhance care and improve quality and financial results. Our goal is to help those on the front-line of healthcare by making medical data accessible, easy to use, actionable, and readily integrated into clinical workflows.

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