COVID-19 Reporting Challenges Highlight the Importance of Normalized, Complete Clinical Data to Help Save Lives

How improving the quality and interoperability of clinical data will avoid the next public health reporting breakdown.

Electronic Clinical Quality Measurement Using Longitudinal, Standards-based Health Information Exchange

Calculating quality measures using interoperability standards presents a major opportunity to address challenges in quality measurement. This whitepaper provides our research on the reliability of quality measurement using structured data that demonstrates opportunities for future enhancements essential for eCQM and other programs for quality measurement.

Establishing Benchmarks for Clinical Document Data Quality

Findings on data quality research conducted by Diameter Health, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and HealtheConnections

Interoperability Progress and Remaining Data Quality Barriers of Certified Health Information Technologies

This research was selected as a "Distinguished Paper" at the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) 2018 Annual Symposium.

Semantic Interoperability

Diameter Health’s whitepaper on Semantic Interoperability explains how semantic interoperability can unlock the potential of digital health information.

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