Tom Gaither

Vice President of Marketing
Tom Gaither

Tom Gaither brings to Diameter Health over 30 years of experience leading customer facing teams to create and implement marketing strategy to drive revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

As Vice President, Customer Development at the Institute for Health Metrics, Tom was responsible for Marketing, Account Management, and Sale Operations in support of IHM’s Meaningful Use and Quality reporting products. Prior to IHM, he served as VP, Sales and Marketing Solutions at Dun and Bradstreet, which acquired iMarket, where Tom served as VP, Customer Development. In this role, he was responsible for Marketing, Account Management and Telesales for the company’s customers and prospects. Tom began his career at Epsilon, a preeminent marketing services Brand, where he advanced to become VP and General Manager for the company’s West Coast operations.

Tom received his MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College and a BA in Economics from Tufts University.

Tom Gaither
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Can you live in that moment, as best you can, with clear eyes and love in your heart? With joy in your heart?

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