Diameter Health Partners with CORHIO and Medicity to Launch Community Interchange


Medicity, a leading expert in clinical data aggregation and interoperability, announced the launch of Community Interchange with one of its most long-standing partners, CORHIO, the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization. Building on the two companies’ well-established relationship, this technology creates a new path for placing comprehensive, usable data into the hands of health care clinicians and support staff in Colorado. As one of the first of many launches for Medicity Organize’s Community Interchange, this partnership signifies an important milestone in Medicity’s efforts to rapidly advance the next generation of interoperability.

Community Interchange, branded as Consolidated Care Summaries at CORHIO, will allow qualified health care participants within the CORHIO network to access actionable clinical intelligence at the point of care, optimizing their decision-making to improve patient care. CORHIO’s Consolidated Care Summaries are powered by Medicity Organize in partnership with Diameter Health.

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