Diameter Health Launches New Clinical Data Management Capability


Subscribe Enables Automated Updates to Patient Population Data

Diameter Health, the company that cures clinical data disorder, today announced the availability of their new Subscribe capability. Subscribe provides improved user flexibility and ease of use by enabling the configuration of data subscriptions for discrete patient populations based on multiple criterion:

  • A consolidated, longitudinal patient record of all data
  • A snapshot of patient data for a specific time period
  • Differential output that includes only new information

Population files may be accessed on a weekly, bimonthly or monthly frequency. In addition, users may choose to upgrade diverse data formats to the most recent clinical document format standard (C-CDA 2.1).

“Subscribe provides a fast and efficient means to track user-defined patient populations over time,” said Eric Rosow, Diameter Health Chief Executive Officer. “Our customers view Subscribe as a powerful complement to their Diameter Health Fusion investment as it enables health information exchanges, payers and providers to communicate and coordinate more effectively about shared patient and member populations.”

A typical example would be a health plan interested in information about members within a certain state’s Health Information Exchange (HIE). The plan would upload a Payer member file and match the file to the HIE patient file using patient demographics or a shared master patient index (assuming the relevant HIPAA provisions are satisfied). The user at the HIE can then configure Subscribe to automatically update the list at the desired frequency.

“Subscribe is another example of Diameter Health leading the way in clinical data management,” Rosow continued, “Interoperable business partners need to exchange information about mutual patients on an ongoing basis, and Subscribe automates this important task.”

Subscribe is available as an add-on license to Diameter Health’s Fusion product.

About Diameter Health:
Diameter Health enables clinical insight through the normalization, cleansing, de-duplication and enrichment of clinical data from across the care continuum. This creates a single, unified source of longitudinal structured patient information for improved care and actionable analytics. The Diameter Health platform empowers organizations that depend on multi-source data streams, such as Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), health systems and health plans, to realize greater value from their data. For more information, visit the website or email us at

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