Diameter Health Launches FHIR Educational Series


August 31, 2020 – Diameter Health launched a new educational series on FHIR designed to address the challenges that payers face with the new CMS interoperability mandate requiring the use of FHIR.

The first webinar in the “FHIR Patient Access” series, “FHIR 101, everything you want to know about FHIR but were afraid to ask” was a tremendous success. Led by John D’Amore, President and Chief Informatics Officer, the first session covered the basics on how FHIR works, why FHIR matters, and a review of the timeline for health plans to comply with CMS rules. With the deadline for compliance with the new rules approaching quickly, Diameter Health is looking to provide direction for achieving compliance while avoiding potential negative impact on member satisfaction. 

There are two more webinars scheduled this fall which will take an even deeper dive into the topic of FHIR and a new video series, 3-Minute Diameter Download, addressing FHIR basics, the standards, the advantages, and more. Get notifications on these events and others by completing and submitting the Sign Up form on the right side of this page.

Diameter Health previously announced the commercial availability of FHIR Patient Access, a turnkey solution that saves payers time and expense while improving member satisfaction.

Watch FHIR 101, everything you want to know about FHIR but were afraid to ask

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