C-CDAs as the Fuel for Medical Apps


Newton, MA – Diameter Health continues to advance its software using C-CDA and CCD extracts to empower providers to deliver superior care. In the past month, several websites have published articles by Diameter Health about how the technology works. The first is, one of the largest informative websites on how Meaningful Use, the US federal program for EHR adoption, is being deployed. The publication provides an overview of interoperability in Meaningful Use and how C-CDAs are becoming critical components of patient engagement, care transitions and analytic applications. The full article is available at:

A second posting focuses directly on how C-CDA documents can fuel medical apps. This article is posted on MedTech Boston, an online community highlighting innovation work happening in and around Boston.

“These follow-on publication to the work published in JAMIA earlier this summer demonstrate a growing consensus around how C-CDA documents and their use in health information technology. Diameter Health has unparalleled experience in this domain and continues to be a unique position to help build a scalable digital ecosystem of medical apps” stated John D’Amore, President and Chief Technology Officer of Diameter Health. To help promote its growing presence in online communities supporting medical apps, Diameter Health recently launched its Twitter handle @DiameterHealth.

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C-CDA: Consolidated Clinical Documents Architecture
CCD: Continuity of Care Document

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