Diameter Health Webinar: Strategies for Successful Data Integration

07/23/2019 - 07/23/2019 Webinar; 1 pm (ET)

Adam Rossbach, Chief Technical Strategist from the Ohio Health Information Partnership/CliniSync HIE, and John D’Amore, Diameter Health’s President and Chief Strategy Officer, join forces in this complementary webinar to discuss data challenges in managing clinical data,  prerequisites for good Payer-Data Source partnerships, and the advantages of NCQA certified technology and standard supplemental data.

More than half of health insurance provider CIOs surveyed by Gartner identified clinical data integration (CDI) as a top-five investment priority for their organization. However, many of these organizations lack access to clinical data, as well as the people, process, and technology to manage complex clinical data.

With hundreds of electronic health record and practice management systems in use today, and huge variety in how clinicians document patient care, we are faced with an epidemic of “clinical data disorder.” This makes it difficult to get value from clinical data for HEDIS reporting and other business critical uses. In this session, our speakers will share proven strategies that health plans can use to overcome these challenges.

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