First Annual Customer Forum a Smashing Success


Amy Krane
Director of Product Marketing

“It didn’t feel like a sales event or any kind of business arrangement, it was just people sharing best practices and working together to solve the same problems across the country.”

On October 2-4, the Diameter Health team had the privilege to engage with over 30 of Diameter Health’s customers and partners at our First Annual* Customer Forum, which we hosted in Dedham, MA, south of Boston. Participants hailed from all over the U.S. and represented health information exchanges (HIEs), health plans, and health IT vendors.

By all measures it was a great success. The energy was high. The information shared by Diameter Health on industry trends and the product roadmap was appreciated. The range of use cases highlighted by our customers and their willingness to share best practices was remarkable.

Here are a few of my takeaways from the event.

Customers are the Pioneers. Diameter Health’s technology is doing the dirty work of cleaning clinical data. Customers in turn are using our technology to support the delivery of data-rich solutions to their stakeholders. CliniSync/Ohio Health Information Partnership (OHIP) shared how they are delivering Consolidated CCDs (Continuity of Care documents) back to providers, who can make better decisions because they can see an unduplicated view of the care that patient has received across the region, not just in their own facility. SacValley Regional Medshare is connecting paramedics responding to emergency calls with just-in-time information. Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE) and other customers deliver valuable standard supplemental data to payers to improve HEDIS rate calculations.

Quality Reporting is a Team Sport. Data from a single EMR is, simply put, not indicative of the care the patient is receiving. These data may be limited in terms of the patient experience, and the eCQM calculations may be incorrect. This was the key message – backed by study results – from the customer panel on Quality Reporting, featuring the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN), the Quality Health Network (QHN) and Clinical Connect Health Information Exchange (CCHIE). These innovators are changing the quality reporting paradigm from provider- to patient-centric by processing data in Diameter Health and then using the Quality application for measure calculations and quality reports. The whole “team” wins when providers are reimbursed, or a health plan is rated, based on the total care the patient receives.

“Where You Share Risk, You Share Data.” This key insight was shared in a hallway conversation I had with one of our expert contributors to the Payer/HIE Collaboration panel. This bodes well for the future as we move to value-based reimbursement models both from CMS and commercial payers. Panelists from United Healthcare (UHC), Optum Advisory Services and OHIP explained the complexities and constraints such as data use rights that impact sharing data in today’s world, as well as how HIEs can play an important role as intermediaries and data aggregators. And consider this: what about a future in which retrospective claims supplement timely clinical data rather than the other way around?

“We Need to Liquify and Liberate Data.” Sarah London, Optum Ventures, and a Diameter Health board member set the tone with her keynote, a smooth combination of data nerdiness and passion. “We need a way to truly liquify and liberate healthcare data,” she explained, if we are to get anywhere when it comes to improving healthcare. Sarah reached into her data analytics background and produced this eye opening anecdote: A CMIO of a Midwest health system once told her he’d identified 18 codes in his system’s EMR for identifying a mammogram. Her consulting team found 123 unique codes after an analysis. Sarah later recounted this conversation to an executive at a leading EHR vendor, who promptly laughed at her. “We have more like 10,000 ways across our installed base,” she said.  (For more on Sarah’s views on Diameter Health and the importance of refining clinical data, visit Sarah London On Liberating Clinical Data)

Diameter Health is a True Partner. Don’t get me wrong, as a long-time member of the health IT industry I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a vendor. But it’s great when you hear a customer, unprompted, say “I think of Diameter Health as a partner, not just a vendor.” We heard that message in various ways, including that, although we are not perfect, we listen to our customers and “treat us all the same, not the little guys and the big guys.”

See you next year at the 2nd annual!

*Some might quibble with “first annual” because, they say, you can’t use that expression until an event has been repeated. In this case, however, we can say with certainty that it was a valuable experience for all, and we will be sure to repeat it. So “First Annual” it is!

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