Fusion is the foundation of the Diameter Health platform. It enables intelligent data exchange by normalizing and integrating data from any certified Electronic Health Record.

Variation in Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and clinical workflows creates dis-jointed, misaligned data poorly suited to support analytics and decision support.

As the foundation of the Diameter Health platform, Fusion scrubs and enhances clinical data from any certified EHR to enable intelligent data exchange and integration. Fusion uses scalable, high performance parsing, natural language processing, and proprietary logic to standardize, classify, de-duplicate and enrich clinical data to create a single, longitudinal patient view and enable improved patient care and analytics.

Fusion also supports third party applications through an Application Programming Interface (API).

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Product Specifications

Fusion unleashes productivity by making more robust information available enabling powerful and timely analytics. The result is interoperable data that breaks down EHR information silos and facilitates communication across the continuum of care. Fusion delivers:

-High performance parsing and proprietary logic
-Organization of complex data models into common structures and vocabularies for intelligent query and display
-Grouping of clinical data into meaningful analytic categories
-Standard API web formats and technologies


Resources to Improve Patient Care and Provide for Financial Sustainability

Diameter Health resources provide insights into using clinical data to enhance care and improve quality and financial results. Our goal is to help those on the front-line of healthcare by making medical data accessible, easy to use, actionable, and readily integrated into clinical workflows.

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