Envision identifies gaps in clinical documentation which, if uncorrected, may result in compromised quality of care and reduced reimbursement from payers.

Detecting gaps in clinical documentation doesn’t have to be “searching for a needle in a haystack.”

Envision examines the rich clinical detail produced by Fusion, including medications, labs, procedures and vital signs, to infer when diagnoses may be missing from a patient’s record. Critical information is identified which is required to populate patient problem lists with omitted conditions, represent true patient acuity for accurate payer reimbursement, and improve screening for quality measurement and population health. Envision’s high-specificity algorithms identify gaps in clinical documentation with few false positives.

The process uses clear definitions of disease presence, such as identifying medications associated with specific disease states, and the automated assessment of past encounters to validate clinical attributes.

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Improve Documentation

Diameter Health’ Envision has demonstrated, across care settings and EHRs, that about 30% of patient charts are missing documentation. In one of six of those missing cases adding the missing documentation would result in higher Medicare reimbursement. For a 250 bed hospital, that amounts to $500,000 in incremental revenue.

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ROI Calculator

Calculate the Benefits of Improving Clinical Documentation

Diameter Health’s ROI calculator estimates the return on investment from improvements in documentation enabled by Diameter Health's Envision solution. The calculator uses published data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on thousands of US hospitals. Many assumptions are configurable by the user.

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Product Specifications

Identify Missing Clinical Documentation to Improve Patient Care and Report True Patient Acuity

Envision uses high-specificity algorithms to identify gaps in clinical documentation with few false positives:

- Medications associated with specific disease states
- Gold-standard results as basis for disease definition
- Corroborates findings through the assessment of past encounters, vital signs and other clinical attributes

Envision's secure web platform is accessible by desktop, tablet and/or smart phone

Intuitive user interface is never more than 3 clicks removed from a comprehensive patient view


Resources to Improve Patient Care and Provide for Financial Sustainability

Diameter Health resources provide insights into using clinical data to enhance care and improve quality and financial results. Our goal is to help those on the front-line of healthcare by making medical data accessible, easy to use, actionable, and readily integrated into clinical workflows.

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